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Born in Salt Lake City in 1985, Misty K. Snow is a Utah native who has lived her entire life in Salt Lake County and has a strong connection to this state and its people.  She is part of the new millennial generation that recently become one of the largest voting blocks in Utah and the nation.

A cashier at a grocery store and raised in a lower income family, Misty understands the needs of working people and their families.  She is concerned by the degree of income inequality in this country: particularly how it disproportionately impacts women, people of color, and the LGBT community.

Misty K. Snow represents the future of both our state and our nation, and is set to become one of the leaders of her generation.  Misty ran for US Senate against her Incumbent Senator Mike Lee in the November 2016 General Election.  She decided to run for office when her opponent Jonathan Swinton (Conservative Democrat), tried to derail Planned Parenthood.  Misty challenged Swinton at the Democratic convention and was able to get enough votes to turn it into a Primary Election.  She won the Primary and was able to move full steam ahead into preparations for the General Election. She made HISTORY just by running.  

She is the first Transgender Woman to run as a Nominee for US Senate.  She is the first Woman to run in Utah History.  Misty has been featured on HBO VICE, CNN, NBC, and the Chelsea Handler Show.  She has had articles written about her in Time Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and several Social Media publications.   

She continues to be an inspiration to thousands of people around the World.  Although she lost the General Election, she has won the hearts of so many and she was awarded the “Best Trailblazing Candidate” by City Weekly, and the “Person of the Year Award by “Q-Salt Lake”, she has been asked to travel across the United States to be a Motivational Speaker since the Election.  She will continue to be a voice and role model.