Civil Rights

-- Women's access to healthcare and reproductive right are being threatened.  We must ensure that ensure that women always have access to the care that they need without politicians coming between them and their doctors.  We also need to ensure that women are paid equally and work to end all forms of discrimination against women. 

-- The United States of America has the world's largest prison population; incarcerating more people both per capita and in terms of absolute numbers than any other nation.  We must work the school to prison pipeline, for profit prisons, and work to ensure fair and equitable sentencing. 
Through our nation people of color are discriminated against, through law enforcement or otherwise.  I support accountability in our police departments and the courts, including the use the body cameras which will protect both our law enforcement officers and citizens.

-- The immigration system in this country is broken.  The process to enter this country legally is too lengthy and difficult, which forces large numbers of people to enter the country by illegal means.  I would support a path to citizenship for those currently living and streamline the process to come here legally.  Also refugees risk everything to come to the USA, we should be supporting them rather than making it more difficult for them to escape war-torn countries.

-- Native sovereignty has been consistently under attack in our nation.  The government has not provided adequate access to education and health care for Native Americans.  There are also issues were Native Americans have seen their land rights obstructed and their voting rights being undermined.  I support legislation to hold the government accountable and keep its promises to our indigenous people. 

-- Although we have made great strides towards equality for LGBT people, there remain many obstacles that prevent LGBT people from enjoying full equality under the law.  I support legislation at the federal level that will prevent discrimination against LGBT people in all areas of life such, as in employment, housing, and healthcare.