Clean Air and the Environment

As a resident of Salt Lake City, I have seen first hand the effects of dirty sources of energy.  Some days it's impossible to see the mountains.  The poor air quality can have detrimental effects to the health of Utahns. Coal remains the primary source of energy in the state and is a significant contributor to the poor air quality.  Furthermore, high levels of mercury contaminates our air and our water, harming both our drinking water and wildlife.  Gasoline-powered automobiles are another major source of air pollution in both Utah and the nation as a whole.  We should be taxing gasoline to generate the funds necessary to make investments in infrastructure to support greener alternatives such as electric cars and public transportation.

We must invest in clean and renewable sources of energy, if we want to protect our environment and sustain growth.  Doing so will also reduce the effects of climate change and protect our planet and our future.

I support our national monuments and parks and will work to protect our public lands.