Clean, Renewable Energy

As a resident of Salt Lake City, I have seen first hand the effects of dirty sources of energy.  Despite living in a city completely surrounded by mountains, there are days when the air pollution is so bad that it's not possible to see them.  The poor air quality is extremely dangerous for people with heart or lung problems, and new research shows that the bad air can also be harmful to pregnant women and developing fetuses.  Most people in Utah are worried about air pollution and want to see action on this issue.  

There is also the issue of climate change, which is caused by many of the same pollution sources that cause Utah's infamous inversions.  Failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could have a significant and negative impact on the health and stability of communities around the world.  So it's very important that we take action on this issue.   

Our country needs to make more investments in cleaner sources of energy such as wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal.  We also need to invest in cleaner sources of travel such as electric and natural gas vehicles.  It wont happen overnight, but it's very important that we start making these investments for our health and our future.