Gun Violence Prevention

Currently background checks are required by federally licensed firearm retailers, but background checks are not required by private dealers, including at gun shows.  We must ensure that there is a thorough background check completed at every point of sale for every gun. 

People who have a history of violence should not be able to buy a firearm.  People who have committed a violent crime should not own a firearm.  People who have been abusive to their partners, children, or other family members should not own a firearm.  People who have history of mental illness and who are likely to do harm to themselves and others should not own firearms.

Additionally, our country needs to start seriously investigating the root causes of gun violence.  In 2013, President Obama issued an executive order calling for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to resume studying the causes of gun violence. Three years later, those studies have not resumed due to a lack of funding. I believe it's time for Congress to finally make that funding available so that the CDC can do the job it has been ordered to do.