Healthcare is a human right.

There are approximately 33 million people in this country that do not have access to health insurance.  Thousands die from lack of, or insufficient, healthcare.  Millions that do have adequate care are burdened with high premiums, deductibles, and prescription drug prices. 

The USA currently has the world's most expensive health care system, yet the rest of the industrialized world consistently provides better care. Nor do their citizens go bankrupt or die from lack of health insurance and access to preventable care. 

Although The Affordable Care Act can certainly be improved upon, we must protect it and the access it provides to millions of people. 

The best solution is to adopt a single payer system that has proven to be successful in dozens of other countries.  I am not opposed to expanding the current Affordable Care Act to cover more people.  I am also not opposed to finding new solutions to increase access, provide better quality care, and reduce costs.  However, such solutions should not distract from the main goal of eventually adopting a single payer system by extending Medicare coverage to all Americans.  We must continue to fight until all people have access to healthcare.