Immigration Reform

The immigration system in this country is broken.  The process to enter this country legally is too lengthy and difficult, which is forcing large numbers of people to enter the country by illegal means.    

There are currently an estimated 11 million people in the USA that are undocumented.  The vast majority of these people are hard working individuals that are trying to provide for their families.  They came here to find better opportunities, or to escape war and conflict zones.  They shouldn't have to live in constant fear of being deported, and they shouldn't have to struggle to find decent housing or employment.  They are human beings, and it's time that our country treated them as such.

Our country needs to streamline immigration.  It shouldn't take years for an immigration application to be approved; if it took less than a year to get approved to immigrate to our country, then people would be much less likely to attempt entering the country illegally.  People want to come here for better opportunities, and to experience all things our great nation has to offer.  Let's give them that opportunity by providing a safe, legal, and timely immigration process.  

We also need to have a pathway to citizenship for people already living here.  The easiest way to do this is to give all of the undocumented immigrants currently in the country permanent resident status and allow them to apply for citizenship after living here for 5 years, or 3 years in cases where they are married to a US citizen.  There is no need for "guest worker" programs, nor is there a need to make the path to citizenship a decades long process that treats people like indentured servants.  

Inaction on these issues puts many people at risk of exploitation or death, and abandons millions more to a lifetime of poverty. We don't want people living an abject poverty, we don't want people living in constant fear of being deported, and we don't want people being exploited by human traffickers.  We want all people to be able to live their life with dignity.  It's time to end deportations of hard working people and their families.  Instead we should show them love and compassion and make them feel welcome in our great nation.  Doing anything less would be inhumane and un-American.