Misty K Snow Stands with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Misty K Snow for United States Senate (D-Utah)


Thursday, November 3rd, 2016.

"I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in South and North Dakota as they fight to protect their community, their land, their water supply, and the future generations of tribal nations and humanity.  I condemn the North Dakota State authorities’ inhumane tactics and militaristic methods against the protectors in Standing Rock.

The Standing Rock Sioux and potentially 10 million others are threatened by the Dakota Access Pipeline route, a 1,170 mile oil pipeline that would run from North Dakota to Illinois. In addition to endangering those communities, the pipeline will desecrate the ancestral burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux; this utter disrespect and violation cannot be allowed.

At Standing Rock and across Utah we have witnessed inspiring acts by Native Americans and their allies who are defending and protecting their sacred sites and fighting for the dignity of America. The Utah League of Native American voters have done phenomenal work in reminding Utah that justice knows no borders.

Utah has 30,000 Native American citizens; I stand with them in protecting their inherent sovereign rights. Standing Rock is a symbol of what happens when treaty rights are not honored or respected. I support and honor the treaties between the United States and Standing Rock and all Native American Nations.

This is also an opportunity for Utah and America to acknowledge and learn from the traditional values expressed by the Standing Rock Sioux to protect life on Earth."