Misty K Snow's Response to Election Night Results.


Misty K Snow for United States Senate (D-Utah)


Misty K Snow’s Response to Election Night Results

Wednesday, November 09th 2016.

“Obviously we did not win last night and a lot of people are disappointed.  A lot of people are disappointed with what happen nationwide.  We need to remember we ran a great campaign and a lot of people came out to support me and a lot of people came out to support democrats all across the country.  I want to thank everybody who was involved in this process; the people that ran for office, the people that became involved in the campaigns, the people involved in my campaign, and all the people that voted.  I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you. Despite Trump being our next president, Clinton did win the popular vote and that is something to be proud of and for the first time in our history, a woman is a major party nominee for the highest office in our land. That was achievement!  We must remember that we are strong. We have to continue organizing. We have to continue being involved, especially at the local level.  It is at the local level where real change can be made.  We must stay and fight, and we must continue looking forward and never lose hope!  We must work to reform our elections systems. For the second time in sixteen years, we have a president who won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College.  Democrats have in fact; won four of the last five popular votes in the last elections but only won the presidency twice. That is an unfair system.  That is also an unjust system and must be changed. We still have other problems in our election systems- such as money in politics.  We need serious election reform in this country and it isn’t going to happen overnight.  The only way we are going to make change in this country, is if we pick ourselves up right now, and move forward and continue to fight. “