Paid Maternity Leave

The USA is one of only four countries in the world that do not provide mothers with paid maternity leave.  As the wealthiest country in history, the USA should be able to provide its mothers with this basic right. 

Many mothers in our country go back to work very soon after having their baby.  This can be dangerous to their health, as many will not have fully recovered before they need to return to work.  We should not be forcing new mothers to take such risks with their own health by denying them paid maternity leave.  

New mothers should be able to afford taking time off work to care for their newborn baby.  Our country has some of the world's lowest breastfeeding rates, which are correlated with higher rates of infant mortality and childhood obesity.  Breastfeeding is also beneficial in helping the mother lose the weight that she gained during pregnancy.  If a woman is not able to breastfeed, then she may have a more difficult time losing this extra weight, which could put the mother at higher risk higher risk for obesity and associated health risks.  Paid maternity leave would make it easier for new mothers to breastfeed, which would benefit mothers and their children.

It's time to care for the health of women and children in our country by providing mothers with at least twenty-six weeks of paid maternity leave.  This will give mothers time to fully recover from childbirth and care for their baby.  Anything less is a failure to both mothers and children.