Personal Freedoms

Like 64% of Utah residents I support legal access to medical marijuana. However, marijuana users could still find themselves in trouble with the federal government. There have been cases where federal courts have ruled that people who use marijuana cannot own firearms; even when that use is consistent with the laws of their state.  It is very important for us to end the federal prohibition on marijuana so that states can set their own policy in regards to marijuana and protect the rights of citizens. 

While we are on the topic of firearms; lets talk about how to address gun violence.  Many people want to see a reduction in gun violence but there is a lot of debate for what these solutions should be.  A 2016 poll showed that 81% of Utahns support universal background checks on all firearm purchases,  and 78% of Utahns want people on the Terrorist Watch List to be barred from being able to buy firearms.  I think this gives a good place to start without having to take people's guns away.  These are common sense solutions that are supported by a majority of Utahns and people all across the country; we do not want dangerous people such as terrorists to be able to purchase firearms. 

I also support protecting net neutrality and safe guarding the data of our citizens.