Women's Rights

There are over 40 years of legal precedent affirming that a woman's right to abortion is protected by the constitution.  Despite this, conservatives continue to create obstacles and limitations to prevent women from exercising this right.  Conservatives have also been working to defund Planned Parenthood by using false evidence and highly-edited videos to generate support for their cause; this is very troubling as Planned Parenthood provides many important health services to women, teens, and LGBT people.

Only a woman and her doctors should have a say on issues related to the woman's health, and her choices regarding contraception and pregnancy.  No one should force a woman to carry a baby to term that she doesn't want, no one should get between a woman and her doctor, and no one should undermine the health of women by cutting funding to an organization that provides medical care that many women wouldn't be able to otherwise access.  

Lets be clear: the consequences of banning abortions would be as disastrous for our country as they have been in the countries that currently ban abortions.  According to the World Health Organization, 47,000 women die each year from complications arising from having an unsafe abortion; this accounts for 13% of all maternal deaths world wide each year. This is absolutely unacceptable.  We must oppose any attempts to restrict a woman's right to having a safe and legal abortion as well as any attempts to undermine a woman's access to important health services.  

Finally, its time to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which shows a commitment for respecting the rights of women.  We signed the treaty in 1980 but failed to ratify it.  It's past time for us to show women that we care about women's rights and are committed to ending all discrimination against them.